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Working out at one of these facilities is great, but it comes with challenges you probably didn’t expect when you joined! Having to share gym equipment: Not what you signed up for! This means you often have to wait endlessly to use the equipment you need, or ask to share gym equipment. It’s frustrating to have to ask how many sets another person has left! You’re not exactly sure how to work out: You won’t admit this to anyone, but you find the fitness facilities overwhelming and intimidating. Your workouts consist of what you’ve seen other people do, but to be honest you don’t really know what you’re doing – it’s mostly guesswork! Your workouts are boring: Most people spend at least half an hour on the treadmill or cross trainer, so that’s what you do too (after you’ve waited your turn to get one!)…but that half hour goes so slowly it feels more like 2 hours! But worst of all…you’re not even sure your workouts are helping you: You’ve been working out regularly for months, but you haven’t lost weight, and you still look the same. What’s with that? You know you can’t expect to see changes happen overnight, but when??

Why Trust Me? I am a certified Personal Trainer who has helped hundreds of people to get into the best shape of their lives. Since I began my career, I have done over 5000 training sessions, opened a private fitness studio, written a book, and helped other instructors to develop their skills. With this invaluable experience I developed a system that is proven to be highly effective in helping anyone to get into peak physical shape. I truly believe results-driven fitness regimes are born out of a properly planned balance of three key ingredients: cardio, resistance and eating the right food. I love my job not only because I get to work with people just like you, but I see the joy of their achievement and the security and confidence that comes from hard work. When you look and feel your best it’s much easier to live your life to its fullest.

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