God Had To Have Somebody Willing To Practice The Exact Same Move For Hours

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God looked down on his paradise and was pleased. He looked on all of the peoples with the earth. He noticed the many sports that athletes participated in. God stated, “I really need to generate the ultimate sport and the ultimate athlete.” So God made a wrestler.

God mentioned, “I want an athlete who is ready to participate in a sport that needs discipline, sacrifice, dedication, difficult operate, and commitment.” So God made a wrestler.

“I want an athlete that is prepared to encounter another athlete one-on-one within the most physically demanding sport in existence without any one else to assist him and but not be afraid.” So He made a wrestler.

“I have to have an athlete who can defeat his opponent with power, electrical power, speed, agility, and technical abilities. He requires to become in a position to endure the toughest 6 or seven minutes that Air yeezy 2 shoes someone could ever endure during the sporting globe.” So God made a wrestler.

God stated, “I will need particular person who is prepared to get up at 6:00 a.m. so he can run 5 miles prior to likely to college. I want that identical particular person to attend classes, make it through a demanding two hour wrestling practice, and then even now come home and do his homework.” So God produced a wrestler.

God had to have anyone prepared to practice the identical move for hours, day immediately after day until eventually he had it perfected. So He made a wrestler.

God stated, “I have to have an athlete who declares as being a boy that 1 day he will be an Olympic champion and by no means doubts himself.” So God created a wrestler.

“I need to have an athlete who can eliminate his last school match making it his only loss all through his high school and school career. I need that very same athlete to bounce back more determined than ever before. I want that athlete to win the Olympic gold medal inside a dominating style and after that go on to develop into one of your best wrestling coaches in collegiate history.” So God created a wrestler.

God said, “I need an athlete who’s willing to shoot a million lower single legs in his lifetime and carry out a leg lace fifty times every day simply because he understands the worth of drilling.” So He produced a wrestler.

God had to have anyone who could get pinned 1 week then defeat that Air yeezy 2 similar opponent the following week to win the conference championship since he believed in himself and in his abilities. So God made a wrestler.

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