Great Wooden Baseball Bats for Kids

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The time to play baseballs is now. The warmer weather means that leagues around the US have started their seasons off. Aluminum bats have been used in youth games for many years and has been the most common type of bat. Recently though many people have noticed that these bats are causing a lot of injuries. Wooden bats create baseball speeds off the bat that are far lower than the speeds aluminum bats create. Because of this fact every level of baseball is beginning to use wood bats instead of the traditional aluminum.

Players in major league baseball have always used the wooden bat. Aluminum bats started being used since they generated more power and lasted longer when used by youths. Yet many injuries can come from their use. Wooden bats offer many benefits over their aluminum counter parts. The main benefit is the ability for youngsters to learn the art of hitting better. A wooden bat has a much smaller sweet spot than an aluminum bat. A much small part of the bat must be used for them to hit the ball as a result.

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The hitter then develops from the need to strike the ball with a much better swing. The use of these bats is much safer for kids too. The bat speeds of aluminum bats are unrealistic, so wooden bats can create a much more even playing field. Aluminum bats that are the same size as a wooden bat will weigh much less. This means aluminum can be swung faster and the ball can be hit harder. Wooden bats slow this process down to an appropriate speed for the age of the player.

Change towards wooden bats in baseball now. One hundred years of wooden bat use in baseball has been fine and so will your kids when they use them. Keep kids safe and teach them to hit the right way early in their life. With the right tutelage they may even play on a big league field one day!

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