Healthy and Clear normal to dry skin

Taking care of normal to dry skin can be a difficult challenge, but don’t stress! Keeping your normal to dry skin clear can seem like a lot of money and work for few results, but not so with this unique combination of products. Start your new regime with a morning/shower cleanser. @@AMAZONTEXT;B000R3215W;Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleanser@@ is a rich, moisture filled wash that caters perfectly to your skin type. It’s simple and clean, made of all natural ingredients that clean and nurture your skin. It’s a great way to start your day; it will give you a clean beginning, and it treats your skin to fight blemishes all day. Only two percent saylic acid content makes this cleanser an effective treatment for occasional blemishes. You should follow the cleanser with its matching @@AMAZONTEXT;B001E96L4A;Aveeno Clear Complexion Lotion@@. It comes out of a handy push bottle, like your favorite hand soap would. Take care not to use too much; the excess will become chunky on your face when you are trying to rub it in. The lotion also has a low percentage of salicylic acid which continues to prevent breakouts throughout your day. When your skin still has the occasional blemish that is hard to get rid of, use 
@@AMAZONTEXT;B000052YJX;Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment@@ to easily zap your zits. It leaves the skin soft, but clears zits fast. The tube is small but the cream lasts far a long time so you won’t need to buy it again and again. When you need to clean your skin at night, there is an easy and supremely effective combination of cleaners to use. Oily eye makeup removers leave your eyes feeling gross, so an oil-free alternative is @@AMAZONTEXT;B000R4DJSY;Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover@@. It works on waterproof mascara, all kinds of liner and shadows, and just about anything else you could put on your eyes. To finish off the day, swipe a cotton ball full of thee cool, refreshing @@AMAZONTEXT;B000O8Y7TS;SeaBreeze FreshClean Astringent@@ all over your face to remove every trace of dirt, makeup, and oil. Cleaning your entire face a few times is the best way to have the best clean because there’s oil and dirt all day on your skin. Don’t forget to repeat daily and enjoy your results!