Home Bike Repair

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If you are a more serious bike rider you might spend a lot of money getting your bike tuned up every year along with a ton of smaller tweaks. Have you ever considered learning how to do your own maintenance? This is a great way to give you a different perspective on yoru bike and save you a ton of money as well.

The first thing you must to is purchase a book that is very thorough on the care and maintenance of bikes such as @@AMAZONTEXT;160529487X;The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bike Maintenance and Repair@@. It makes for a great troubleshooting book to help you track down your problems and fix them. You also get the bonus of tips on where to find the parts you need for your bike, which may have been a little harder to find without this information.

The next thing that you should purchase is a @@AMAZONTEXT;B000ROHJ12;repair stand@@. Although you can do repairs without a stand, it is certainly easier to do the repairs with the stand. The stand lifts the bike to a level where you can work on it easily and see what you are doing. A @@AMAZONTEXT;B0028YUZJC;tool try@@ is a great tool which clips onto your stand and is very handy for keeping your tools close at hand.

Beyond the basic maintence, you will also want to keep your bike clean if you want it to run correctly. This is a basic step need to really extend your bike’s life. Having a @@AMAZONTEXT;B000WG6RVS;chain cleaning system@@ can be very handy for you to have, along with a set of brushes, and oil. Keeping your bike in best shape will make your riding experience much more enjoyable.

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