How to Attract Wild Birds

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It can be quite enjoyable to see wild birds take up residence around your home. Nature, with it’s little songbirds that flitter around singing their hearts out, is great for the soul. Simple feeders and houses can really help keep wild birds around your house.

You can put out a variety of bird houses to attract different birds to nest in your yard. Houses with smaller openings help to attract song birds because they are more petite then many other birds. Ideally your @@AMAZONTEXT;B001RJOMZW;simple house@@ should be made from unpainted wood with a hinged top.  The hinged top is handy to clean out old abandoned nests at the end of the year. Many houses of this type are made from pine or cedar.

By using a combination of plants that you plant around your house and feeders you can attract a wide range of birds to your yard. By providing @@AMAZONTEXT;B0006G51KC;humming bird feeders@@ and flowers such as bee balm, and columbine you are likely to attracted the graceful humming birds in. It is possible that you may attract so many humming birds that you need to purchase multiple feeders for them.

If you wish to attract the oriole into your yard, consider placing string out for nesting material along with orange halves on platforms. Orioles also like grape jelly, so there are special @@AMAZONTEXT;B001OE3MEW;oriole feeders@@ that are designed specifically for that. Orioles are great because of their beautiful song along with their spash of color.

Other wild birds can be attracted to your yard by having simple bird feeders and platforms. Thistle is a songbird favorite, and can be fed out of @@AMAZONTEXT;B001BOAEEG;special thistle feeders@@ with tiny holes in them so there is not as much seed lost. More traditional platforms and and bird feeders can be used with larger seeds such as sunflowers. You can get a wide range of foods placed around your yard to attract different song birds.

Bird watching can be a very relaxing hobby, and it is quite nice to wake up to wake up to singing birds in the morning. Try to put out a few feeders this year and see what birds you may attract into your yard.

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