How To Beat Bad Weather

Even if you are not a student anymore (or are not a teacher), to where you can do whatever you want to do all summer, there is still something ingrained in you that makes you want to “make the most of” summer – enjoying your days off by spending time by the pool, or by barbecuing outside, or even just by passing a relaxing afternoon in the park. But when you are working full-time and therefore only have the weekends off, it can be frustrating (and difficult to know how to make the most of your time) when you are stuck with bad weather on one of these precious days off in the summer.

Movie marathons are always a fun way to spend a long day off during the summer; of course, this is different from just flipping on the television and clicking through the channels, as you will be picking several movies by one actor, or a series of movies, and settling in to watch them all throughout the day.


Another thing that can be a lot of fun during a day of bad weather (especially if this “bad weather” is rain – as this is fun to do while sitting in a comfy chair by the window on a rainy day) is going from cover to cover in a great book that you have never read before.

And if you are going to be passing this day of bad weather with friends or family, a great way to spend the time is by playing games; regardless of whether the games you choose to play are board games, card games, or less conventional games such as “sardines” or “hide and seek,” you are sure to make a memorable day out of the lousy weather!

When it comes to days off during the summer, bad weather can either be frustrating or a lot of fun – and if you take the right approach to such days, you can make them the latter, instead of the former!