How To Fall Asleep Fast: Breathe Easy Exercise

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This simple breathing exercise, “How to Fall Asleep Fast”, was developed by Russian MDs in the 1960’s. They applied this technique on thousands of patients with striking success.

Virtually all patients reported that they could fall asleep way faster than usual, even though many patients had problems with cold feet and hands or blocked nose. Others had coughing problems and dyspnea (breathlessness), or migraine headaches, or when not feeling tired. Some patients discovered that, using this technique, they could fall asleep almost instantly or quickly, virtually always in less than 5 minutes. Therefore, this is one of the best techniques how to fall asleep fast.

Effects of overbreathing on brain oxygen levels

The exercise is based on the idea that slow and light breathing provides more oxygen and CO2 for the brain cells producing a positive effect on faster natural sleep.

Preliminary requirements, techniques, tips and conditions for how to fall asleep fast

– Go to bed, when you are really sleepy and with no food in the stomach.
– Before and during sleep, breathe only through your nose (if you cannot, learn the “Breathing exercise to unblock the nose”).
– Do not sleep on your back (avoid supine sleep) at all. If this is your problem, learn the therapy and method “How to prevent sleeping on the back”. (If you are not sure about the negative effects of supine sleep, visit the web page Best Sleeping Positions Medical Research Summary with 24 references. It analyzes the best ways to sleep and how to fall asleep fast.)

Steps to follow (How to fall asleep fast)

Relax all your muscles while you are lying in bed on your stomach or left side. Focus on your breathing pattern. Next, instead of taking your usual inhalation, take a slightly smaller inhalation (only about 5-10% less) using the diaphragm and then immediately relax all body muscles, especially the upper chest and all other respiratory muscles. Take another (smaller) inhalation and again completely relax.

With each breath, take a small or reduced inhalation and then completely relax. You will soon experience a light shortage of air or air hunger. Your goal is to preserve a mild, but comfortable level of air hunger. Here are changes from your previous (black line) to your new breathing pattern:

Breathing pattern: How to fall asleep fast

If you are in poor health, your breathing can be frequent during this reduced breathing and this is ok. This exercise will still help you with how to fall asleep fast. If you do this exercise correctly, you will notice the following signs:
– Your arms and feet will get warmer quickly (in about 1-2 minutes) after starting the reduced breathing (this is the main sign).
– Your nasal passages will become moister and the nose colder in about the same 1-2 minutes.

Warning. Calcium deficiency can make the quality of your sleep much worse. Learn the methods and ways how to check and correct this nutritional deficiency: Major Nutrients Guide for Body Oxygenation.

Causes of problems with sleep

Insomnia is common in people with hyperventilation because it reduces O2 and CO2 concentrations in the nerve cells and brain. CO2 helps to improve O2 transport to the brain due to vasodilation. In addition, carbon dioxide is a potent sedative and tranquilizer of the nerve cells.

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