How To Fight Fevers In Children.

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It can be very nerve rakcing when your child is young and running a high fever. You can feel really helpless as a mother when your child is sick. You have a few things you can do to drop your child’s temperature.

Running a fever is actually good. This is how your body naturally fights of an infection. If it seems like your child is doing okay running a fever, the best thing you can do is let it run it’s course. If your child is comfortable it may not be a problem even if they are running as high as 102. There are times when you need to get the fever dropped to a more tolerable level.

Once a fever rises above 102 it is time to really take some action to get the fever dropped a bit. Taking @@AMAZONTEXT;B001E96LOA;childrens Tylenol@@ is a good way to begin reducing a fever. Make sure that when you give Tylenol you use your child’s weight instead of their age because this is much more accurate. Fevers can cause a risk for Reyes disease, which is why most pediatrians recommend only using tylenol.

Make sure your child stays hydrated. When your children are sick it is more important to keep them drinking clear liquids like water over eatting food. If you can get your child to drink water you can try alternatives like pedialite or pediasure. My children really liked @@AMAZONTEXT;B0007XXP7A;pedialyte freeze pops@@.

This is a great way to get fluids in without the fight.

Taking a warm (not hot) bath can also help to drop your child’s temperature down. You don’t want to chill them, so make sure not to drop it too low. Then loosely wrap them in some light clothing. Over bundling your child when they are sick can actually make their temperature higher.

One last tip for you to consider; when your child is sleeping, and you want to take their temperature use a temporal thermometer or a @@AMAZONTEXT;B003YUFG8Y;noncontact thermometer@@. Using either of these thermometers will minimize how much you need to disrupt the sleep your child so desperately needs to get healthy again.

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