How To Increase Your Blog Readership

So, you have started a blog of your own. Maybe this blog contains your thoughts on business. Maybe this blog talks all about your musings on life. Maybe you are just exploring different books and movies on your blog. Regardless of the content on or purpose of your blog, you have now started to wonder: How do I go about getting some readers on here? A blog can be a lot of fun, but no blog is very useful (or very fun, for that matter) with no readers! Here are a few easy ways to go about adding readers to your blog.

1) Become an active reader of other blogs: Oftentimes, bloggers become very loyal to other bloggers. Usually, this loyalty is rooted in similar interests or ideas, but the loyalty is planted when one blogger begins to visit another blogger’s page. Browse around for blogs that catch your eye, blogs that are similar to yours. Get in touch with those who write these blogs, telling them about posts you enjoyed; spend time on these pages, reading posts and commenting. If you do this, these bloggers will probably visit your page also, and in time they will probably become a fan of yours as well.

2) Know what your blog is about: Too many bloggers fail by stretching their blog over too many areas. Instead, you should aim to start with a small focus, and over time you can grow this focus. You will have a hard time attracting regular readers if your blog focus is too broad at the beginning. You want readers to know exactly what they can expect when they visit your page.

3) Make sure readers can expect new posts: Many bloggers fall short in this important area! Although a lot of bloggers start out strong, blogging consistently, they start to fade after a couple weeks, because their readership has not yet reached the thousands. You need to be aware that it often takes months of consistent writing, of mostly-unread posts, before your blog can gain traction. But eventually, readers will trickle in more and more frequently, and more and more of these readers will decide to stay. In order for this to happen, however, you have to make sure you blog regularly.

A sizable blog readership can be both fun and beneficial. With loyal followers, focused content, and consistent posts, you will reach that place where your readership is sizable and blogging becomes enjoyable.