How to Keep Your New Baby Safe

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One of the greatest moments of a parent’s life is having a new baby. A new born means that the parent’s have a new person to love and educate. They also need to be cared for at all times, especially when they are infants. There is not a more important time for them to be safe then when they are in your automobile. A great care seat that is also safe for them to ride in while in the car is the most important piece of safety gear to have.

Chicco has come out with the Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base. The concern of Chicco is always your child’s safety first. This car seat has a five point safety harness as its main safety feature. An easily latched harness makes it easy for you to secure your baby in it. Widely viewed as the best anchor system around, the LATCH system anchor is included on this car seat.

The seat itself is largely made of foam. This foam can absorb energy in the case of a collision and leave your child largely unharmed. Normal drives from day to day will also be very comfortable for your baby. The harness can be used for a while, as it can be safe for children up to 30 pounds. Your baby will be comfortable since the foam parts are removable and can be customized.

It is also designed with an easy to hold handle, allowing you to carry your child around without having to take them out of the seat. When you have them out on a sunny day, they will enjoy the canopy that keeps the sun out of their eyes. The Chicco seat also has the ability to be strapped into a stroller. This particular car seat is compatible with S3 and Trevi strollers.

So make sure that anytime your child goes into a car they are strapped into a Chicco Infant car seat. Never should a baby be driven in a car and not be securely in a car seat. Their life could be put in serious jeopardy, as well as it being very illegal. So be safe today and buy a Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base.

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