How to Make Your Cardio At-Home Workout Program Rival Gym Workouts

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If you hate going to the gym, tailor your own home workout program. Just think of what you’ll save on membership fees, fancy workout clothes, and commute time.

For an at-home workout program to be satisfying, you’ll want to buy excellent equipment and gear, which will help you stay safe, injury-free, and enjoy your new pursuit all the more.

One of the best at-home cardio exercise options is running, which is a true calorie burner and excellent way to tone and lose weight. Running is so versatile and flexible that you can do it anywhere and anytime. Outdoor running is far superior to indoor running because it takes more effort and challenges your body more. You’ll need to buy top notch running shoes (replace them every six months) in order to prevent injury, something you’d have to buy even if you kept the membership. You’ll also want to buy winter running gear or a treadmill, if you can’t handle the weather in your region, an investment that will last a decade or more.

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Another fabulous at-home cardio exercise idea is biking. One advantage to biking is you can use your bike outside or in, as along as you buy a trainer for your bike (which will allow you to use your bike like a stationary bike on cold days). When biking outside, you can choose a challenging or easy course, depending on your daily needs. You can use your bike to run errands, meaning you can double your exercise time as errand-running time. You’ll need to get your bike tuned up, check your helmet and other gear for safety (reflective gear is advised), and think about investing in a winter bike trainer.


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You’ll enjoy the money and time saved if you quit your gym membership and tailor your own at-home cardio workout.

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