How To Stay Awake During Long Drives

If you have ever taken a road trip – regardless of whether it was for fun or for ‘task’ – you have likely found how easily the road can make you sleepy. After all, with the rush of the lines and the buzz of the tires, it can often feel to the driver as if they are on a sedative. For anyone who ever plans to drive long distances, the tiredness is inevitable, and it is absolutely vital to understand how to stay awake when this tiredness hits.


One big reason why long-distance driving will often make you feel so suddenly sleepy is because of the monotony of just driving and driving and driving. In order to cut this monotony a bit, it is important for you to understand what works best for you for “changing things up.” For instance, even for those who feel that music keeps them awake while they drive, music can put them to sleep! If you listen to music, you need to frequently alter the sort of music you are playing, or else you need to switch back back and forth between no music and music.

Another great way to change things up and cut the monotony is to mess with the temperature in the car, either by rolling the windows up and down periodically, or by changing the air conditioning or heat settings in the car.

A lot of people also try to drive from gas stop to gas stop when they are trying to undertake a long drive, which can often be as much as five or six consecutive driving hours. Rather than doing this, you should stop every hour or two in order to get out and stretch, helping the blood flow through your body.

And one of the best ways to keep yourself awake on a long drive is to eat something that takes a long time to eat. A couple examples of such items are apples – which can take a while if you eat them down to the core – and a bag of sunflower seeds.

Of course, the ultimate goal for many people, when driving long distances, is to finish the journey as quickly as possible; but always keep in mind, if you do not learn to stay awake during your journey, you may never reach the final destination at all!

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