How To Trick Your Dog Into Being Obedient

If you happen to be a dog owner, you probably understand that a dog owner with an obedient dog is a happy dog owner, but while you might be fully aware of this, you may not be fully aware of exactly what you should do in order to make your dog obedient. When it comes to training a dog, there are plenty of tips and tricks, but one of the best things to realize is that a large part of training your dog is knowing how to “trick them” into learning good behavior; after all, the majority of a dog’s behavior is based off of the things they have been conditioned toward, so as you “trick them” into positive behavior, you are actually conditioning them to make this positive behavior a habit!

Of course, the best way to condition your dog to good behavior is to start when they are still a puppy, but even if you have waited until your dog has grown older, these things will still work – and the first of these things is that you reward your dog even when they “accidentally” do something good; your dog will often do something that you deem to be positive behavior simply through the course of their daily activities, but when you praise and reward them for these things, your dog will grow to make these things their patterns.

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Just as you should reward your dog when they accidentally do something good, you should overreact the other way when they do something wrong; realize that this does not mean you should get upset with your dog, as this can lead to negative behavior from them, but instead, you should act “disappointed” with your dog when they do something wrong, as this will affect them much more greatly, and will cause them to cut these poor behavioral patterns out.

And when it comes to tricking your dog into being obedient, one of the biggest tricks is training them right when they wake up; when your dog first wakes up, their mind will be more groggy than it will be later in the day, which will make it a whole lot easier for you to lead them toward compliance!