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I Create Harmony SiteClick Image To Visit SiteTen Simple Secrets to Harmonize Your Body with the Earth and Increase Your Energy and Vibration in 30 Days!

The perfect health of these people provides a shining example of what is possible in physical strength and endurance, perfect eyesight and teeth, longevity, skill and agility, mental development, morality, and overall well-being.

Lose Weight (if you need to) Enjoy Your Food More Save Money on Your Food Bill Increase Your Energy Level & Feel More Harmony and Connection to the Earth

With the Harmony Earth Diet, You Get … Foods Prepared With Love! Simplicity and Elegance in Eating The Freedom to Eat Whenever You Want, and What Your Body Craves Awareness and Enjoyment in the Eating Process The Freshest Food You Have Ever Had in Your Life! A Stunning Variety of Foods to Please Your Tastes

"The Harmony Earth 30 day Energy Diet" by Christopher Westra is the most practical, down to earth, yet spiritual in context, diet book that I’ve ever read.

Many of the ideas presented validate what I’m doing already with regard my eating habits and take off the pressure, giving me permission to relax about the way I eat. Yet some of the ideas challenge the way that I currently think about diet. This book is such an easy read yet definitely does not skim the surface.

I particularly love the pages which overview the "10 principles of a harmony diet vs. unharmonious diet", on which this book is based. As well, I get to see what is the polar opposite to a harmony diet. The perfect chart to pin up in the kitchen!

Yes, you can use this diet to increase the energy level of every member of your family.

You can have someone with experience teach you how to eat in harmony with natural principles.

He has a renewed connection to the rhythms of the earth, and an awareness of the oneness of all living things.

Christopher has learned how to save money and save time while also eating the foods your body craves.

He has increased the variety of his personal diet to over 250 foods. Many of these are listed in the chapter on food variety (Chapter Two).

His daily energy level continues to increase, as well as his ability to focus mentally on creative personal and business activities.

Read this book and find out how the harmony earth diet can affect your sexuality. What you read may… Read more…

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