Ibiza Detox Diet Plan: Ibiza Detox Diet Plan

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Ibiza Detox Diet Plan: Ibiza Detox Diet PlanClick Image To Visit SiteHow would you like an easy to follow plan that would cleanse your body of toxins, have you losing weight and sett you up for healthy eating for life?

How about a Detox and Weight Loss Plan that Works, that leaves you feeling energized and refreshed, that Hundreds of People have already had amazing results with?

LOSE WEIGHT NOW! Imagine being 5 – 12 lbs lighter in just 6 days from now, and not only that, having your digestive system balanced, and be looking and feeling great.

Did you know that your own body, as a result of all the toxins in your diet, actually tried to hold onto fat – even when you diet? An average person on an average day can ingest around 1,000 different toxins, which can leave your body feeling run down and sluggish. Quite simply, a toxin is a chemical or substance poisonous to people, which is absorbed through what we eat, drink, breathe in or touch. Toxins can be found in medication, pain killers, salt, sugar, processed food, caffeine, alcohol, cleaning products, fizzy drinks, food additives, air travel, beauty cosmetics, air pollution… the list goes on! It’s your liver’s job to flush these toxins out quickly and cleanse your system. Unfortunately your liver often can’t cope so protects your body in another way that can actually help keep you overweight. Here’s why…

If the liver cannot flush the toxins away quick enough then your body will tuck them away in the safest place possible – your fat! This means as you try to lose weight, your body will cling to the fat, as it will want to protect you from the potential danger of the poisonous toxins buried within!

When you detox and cleanse your system the toxins are flushed out and you can begin to lose weight quickly and easily. Your metabolism will speed up, your body will no longer need to cling to your fat, digestion will become easier and your ideal weight will be both within reach and sustainable.

The Ibiza Detox Plan not only detoxes but will address your bodies pH balance. The human body should have a pH balance of around 7, near neutral. If this balance is not correct the body can start to suffer with poor health and battle with healthy weight management. The typical western diet rich in dairy, meat and refined foods, along with toxins in the body and stress… Read more…

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