Info About Raising Butterflies

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Raising butterflies can be a great experience for grade school aged children. Monarchs make for one of the most ideal to raise at home. You can make this into a great learning experience where they can be hands on. You can teach and show them the different life stages of the butterfly.

You can look into purchasing a book on monarchs, to really help your children understand their life cycle. Monarchs use common milkweed as a food source, along with laying their eggs on them. @@AMAZONTEXT;B003ADDCI6;Milkweed@@  can be planted in your butterfly garden as a great way to attact monarchs, along with collecting eggs. The eggs will look like tiny white football, often on the underside of the leaves. To collect the egg take a pair of scissors and clip off the leaf it is attached to. Once you have your clippings, you can place them in a tupperware container.

Now this is a good temporary home for your egg. It won’t be long until they start to hatch and turn into tiny caterpillers. The caterpillar will need new milkweed leaves every couple of days. Make sure to remove old leaves, since they will mold before too long. Your caterpillar will grow quickly and as it does you can move the caterpillar and milkweed into a @@AMAZONTEXT;B003E46ER2;butterfly net house@@. These are idea for housing your caterpillars as they turn into butterflies. Just make sure that when you open the top you are very careful of any chrysalis that may on the top.

A Monarch chrysalis is a bright green and will remain this color until right before the butterfly immerges. Before it comes out, ussually within 24 to 48 hours it will turn clear, where you can actually see the monarchs wings. If you want to learn more about attracting butterflies to your home, along with housing them, the @@AMAZONTEXT;B001SAR9OQ;butterfly book@@ is a great resource. This is a great learning resource for your child and is well worth the read.

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