Is Diet More Important Than Exercising?


You have probably heard people in gyms around the world asking the question is diet more important than exercise so today we are going to help you get to the bottom of this popular issue.

You have probably heard people in gyms around the world asking the question is diet more important than exercise so today we are going to help you get to the bottom of this popular issue.

Depending upon who you ask and their own fitness background, it’s highly likely that you will get a different answer every time you pose this question to somebody. Ultimately, many of us base our decision purely off our own experiences and opinions. For instance, everybody has a friend who is always trying to latest celebrity diet plan. That friend will probably put huge faith in their eating plan being the most important factor because it’s what they know.

Likewise, however, those with a long background of exercise under their belts will be much more likely to advise you that you need to concentrate more on the fitness aspect of your lifestyle. Many people even go as far as to advise that if you do this effectively, you can pretty much eat whatever you want. So who is correct?

Neither approach is correct if you are trying to achieve your best possible physique.

You may have heard people trying to put percentages on the importance of each factor, often saying things like “It’s 70 percent what you eat and only 30 percent training” or the other way around. This is a nonsense approach usually used by people who are unwittingly planning to work harder at one aspect than the other.

At the end of the day you should be applying both factors if you want to see results and maintain them. If you are trying to work out how to lose weight and you only apply the rules of one principle you will tend to fall into one of two categories, both of which can be seen at most gyms and workplaces around the world:

* The person who consistently follows new eating plans, often picked up from celebrity gossip magazines or New Year weight loss plans. They don’t combine this with regular exercise, though, and even though they are able to drop some pounds through a healthier lifestyle they don’t actually look any healthier at all. They haven’t worked out, so their body is no more toned than it was three months ago.

* The guy at your local gym who always seems to be there no matter what time you workout. Every gym has at least one of these characters who believes that more exercise leads to more results. The main issue for this person is that they love the physical act of exercise but they completely neglect to watch what they eat. As a result they are able to build a bit of lean muscle but tend to have additional fat storage around their midsection.

The fact of the matter is that common sense must prevail if you are to get anywhere. If you are interested in dropping unwanted pounds and actually maintaining the results you should be avoiding falling into one of the two popular stereotypes shown above.

This nonsense approach is something which could be compared to an individual trying to decide whether their DVR is more important than their television. Both would be pretty useless without the other as a companion. Exercise and nutrition are designed to work together in exactly the same way, so try not to put more effort into one than the other or neglect one completely. By learning how to make a few easy lifestyle changes you can get your diet on track incredibly quickly. Combine that move with a regular fitness routine and you are on course to see a major transformation for the better.

Watch today’s video detailing how to lose weight with five simple rules.

In a recent interview, former bodybuilding champion Jay Cutler was asked the question is diet more important than exercise and his answer perfectly summed up the correct approach. Whether you are trying to discover how to lose weight or get bigger, ultimately it’s 100 percent diet and it’s 100 percent exercise.

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