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You wake up one day, and look at yourself in the mirror long and hard. The person looking back at you isn’t who you want to be.

You want the six pack with the v-line. You want bigger arms, bigger shoulders, and a wider chest. You want to look awesome, and you want it all.

You tell yourself, "this year, I’m going to eat everything in site, and bulk up". Your plan is to bulk up and add 20-30lbs onto your body. Then, you will cut down next summer… Only to reveal your abs, and your sweet gains you made over your bulk.

So you start eating  until you’re uncomfortable and full. Your 4 pack becomes a 2 pack…which then becomes a 0 pack. You have to buy new pants because nothing fits. Your jaw line starts to morph into a double chin. You look like crap and you feel like crap. The only hope you have is for your upcoming cut.

After a few months (and 30 lbs later) you decide it’s time to finally shed off that fat. So you cut down. The diet is hard. Restricting yourself from all your favourite foods is killing you. The only hope you have left is to reveal your gains from your bulk. You have a hard time getting a 4 pack, and even a harder time getting a six pack. This is a lot harder than you think. Once your cut is over, you realize that you only gained 1lb of muscle.

Definitely not worth it.  1 year later.  1lb of muscle gained. You looked fat all winter. You felt like crap, and then went on an uncomfortable cut, just to look OK.

You log into the Max Fit Lab and download this month’s workout.  You print it off, and take it to the gym.  You’re excited because it’s new, and you know the gains you get on this program are better than any programs you’ve done in the past.  The program is easy to stick to, because the anticipation of a new program each month is very motivating.

Each month, you lose more fat, and build more muscle.  You’re getting stronger, and you feel like a beast in the gym.  The nutrition program is easy to follow, and you’re able to go out on hot dates, family events, and dinners with friends, and eat whatever you…