“CREEP” Program: This is GetUfitin4.com’s entry level program designed to provide you with basic nutrition planning that is flexible and will assist you in changing the eating habits you are accustomed to. Old habits die hard—especially when it comes to food! GetUFitIn4.com understands this and makes this transition easier by not imposing drastic changes at first, giving you an opportunity to make gradual changes—baby steps! From experience we also know that changing too many things at once is often times a set up for failure. By focusing solely on nutrition, you can master this very important and highly effective aspect of your fit lifestyle commitment! When you are ready and have your meal planning down-pat—adding the exercise component will be an easy next step!!! The CREEP program includes the following: Body Composition Analysis Customized Nutrition Recipe Database Grocery List Food Analysis Goal Assessment Weight Loss Goals Client Assessment Personal Cookbook Journal 24/7 Email Support

“CRAWL”Program: This is GetUfitin4.com’s beginner level program that incorporates both nutrition planning and basic exercise training. This program is ideal for clients who are familiar with the basics of working out in the gym but need more structure when it comes to meal planning and exercise routine to maximize their efforts and get REAL RESULTS! In addition to ALL the features of our CREEP program we will provide you with: Basic Cardio Training Program Basic Training Program Fit Test Analysis Before and After Photos Food Analysis Training Log Lifestyle Questionnaire Medical Screening

“WALK” Program This is GetUfitin4.com’s intermediate level program designed for the client that regularly goes to the gym, tries to eat right, feels like they are doing everything right but not seeing the results they are looking for. Maybe it’s those last stubborn ten pounds or you have hit a plateau. It is time to take your workout to the next level and break through that rut. You are committed and ready and willing to put in the work—you just need the truly customized program that will transform your body to achieve the results you work so hard for. Our certified online personal trainers will be with you every step of the way with weekly assessments, coaching, and mentoring to give you that extra push to achieve your goals! In addition to ALL the features of our CREEP and CRAWL programs we will also provide…