Keeping Your Cat’s Hair From Shedding Everywhere In The Summer

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There are a lot of effects from the heat of the summer that you are probably well aware of, but one effect you might not be aware of (or, at least, that you might not give much thought to – until it is too late!) is the fact that the heat will cause your cat to shed hair, and this hair can easily end up all over your house! While you will not be able to stop your cat from shedding (and you certainly will not want to, either, as the cat is shedding its hair so it will not be so hot!), you can take steps to ensure that this hair does not spread all over your house.

The time when your cat is most likely to shed their hair is when they have just come in from outside, as this will be the time when they are most subjected to the heat; before you let your cat in the door, you should grab your cat brush so that you can brush them and remove all the excess hair the moment they come inside.

You can also keep their shed hair from spreading everywhere by paying attention to their favorite sleeping spots; when they get up from these spots, they are likely going to leave lots of hair behind, and if you clean up this hair immediately, you will be able to keep it from spreading everywhere else.

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It is fairly easy to keep your cat’s hair from ending up all over the place – you simply need to pay attention to your cat, and make sure you have a good product that you can use for brushing that hair off your cat!

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