Knowing How Often To Mow Your Lawn At Different Times Of Year

Usually, there will be so many things on your mind when it comes to taking care of your lawn that one of the last things you will think of is how often you should mow it – after all, this seems to be one of the easiest questions of all to answer, as you may think that you should simply mow it “whenever you get a chance,” or “whenever the lawn starts looking bad.” But while you can sometimes get away with mowing your lawn too frequently – or not frequently enough – it will go a long way in helping your lawn to look its best if you know how often you should plan to mow your lawn at different times of year.

During the spring, you will typically find that your lawn grows quickly in both directions – that is, it will grow quickly above ground where you can see it, and the roots will grow quickly as well – and because of this, you should mow every week to week and a half; when you mow this frequently, you will allow the sun to get down to the roots, without the grass thinning itself out too much.

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When you hit the summertime, you should plan to pull back a little bit, as the heat and the strength of the sun will cause your grass to grow more slowly; if you mow your lawn too often during this time, it will cause the grass to be unhealthy, so try to mow once every two to three weeks.

And during the fall, you will want to go somewhere in between what you do in the spring and the summer – preparing your lawn for the winter by mowing it once every week and a half to two weeks.

Keeping your lawn looking as good as you want it to look is actually very easy – as long as you are giving it as much water as it needs, and are mowing it with the right frequency, depending on the time of year!