Knowing How To Eat In A Nice Restaurant

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When you are in America, there are always lots of restaurants to choose from, and there are choices for just about everyone – but while most people truly prefer to eat at a casual restaurant where they can wear whatever they want and can simply relax and be who they are, people often end up finding themselves in a situation where they are eating at a nice restaurant – either for an event, for a work function, or for something far more random. And even though eating at a nice restaurant might seem, on the surface, that it is not really so different from eating at any other restaurant, there are a few things you should know before you put yourself in one of these situations.

Making sure you know what the “dress code” is for the restaurant, and making sure you are dressing accordingly, are the first things you will want to do; even if this means dressing in clothes that are not all that comfortable – or that you do not feel all that comfortable wearing – you will probably feel a whole lot less comfortable if you look around yourself and realize that you are severely underdressed for the restaurant where you are.

Remaining fully aware of all the manners you are supposed to be aware of is the next thing that will be important; this includes putting your napkin in your lap, keeping your elbows off the table, and working from the outside in when it comes to furniture – using the utensils furthest from the plate for the first parts of the meal, and moving inward as the meal progresses.

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And the one thing that is probably best of all to keep in mind when you are eating in a nice restaurant – and the thing that will likely make you feel the most comfortable – is the fact that it is okay to ask your server questions! Chances are, at the restaurant where you are eating, the waiters and waitresses pride themselves on being great at answering questions, so you will not only help yourself out by asking questions, but you will help them feel great as well!

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