Knowing What “Treats” To Give Your Cat

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It is pretty easy to find treats that your dog can enjoy (with the intention, of course, of conditioning them toward this “good behavior”!), but when it comes to cats – who tend to be much pickier eaters than dogs – it can be more difficult to know exactly how to reward them; after all, unless your cat is especially easy-going, you are unlikely to find them taking a liking to “cat treats”!

It is common to see cats depicted drinking milk, and while cats certainly are fond of milk, you must make sure you are careful when giving this to your cat as a treat; as cats get older, some develop what could be termed as “lactose intolerance” – and what’s more, excess dairy can bring on the effects of “lactose intolerance,” such as diarrhea and vomiting.

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Of course, cats are also quite fond of tuna fish – and if your cat is an especially picky eater, they might not like the meat very much, but they will certainly like the “tuna water” that the fish is kept in, and you can put this in a little saucer for them to drink.

Cats also enjoy a variety of other meats, so if you have a cat that you are trying to “find what works for them,” test out a few different meats – such as chicken, turkey, or even ham – and see what your cat enjoys.

Lastly, there are many cats for whom canned cat food works well as a treat;  if you usually feed your cat dry cat food, consider giving your cat a bit of canned food when you are wanting to reward them, and you just might find that this is an easy and inexpensive way to help you train your cat!

When you figure out a “treat” that your cat enjoys, it is fairly easy to start training them toward good behavior; the tricky part, of course, is actually finding a treat that your cat enjoys!

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