Lauren Jacobsen – Sexy, Strong and Fit


Lauren Jacobsen is the creator of the Sexy, Strong and Fit Lifestyle Design System – a 12-week phased approach to weight loss, dieting, working out and personal coaching for women.

You’re not alone! Millions of Women every year spend billions of dollars on programs that not only don’t work, but usually cause them to gain weight, and retain fat once they return to their normal way of eating.

I may look like JLO (Jenifer Lopez) on the outside, but I’m all Sheldon from the TV show “Big Bang Theory” on the inside.  Being a bio-chemistry major, I understand the science behind transforming a woman’s body.

If you’re ready to STOP DIETING, LOSE WEIGHT & UNLEASH YOUR INNER DIVA, then read on…

I have seen so many women struggle with being un-comfortable with their bodies, embarrassed in their own skin, make attempt after attempt to lose the weight, and change their life with little or no results!

I am a hard working woman, with an extreme passion for every aspect of fitness and nutrition.  I really have done it all.  That’s because I’m part business woman, part marketer, part writer, part biochemist, part coach and part competitor.

I started my journey into fitness and nutrition 15 years ago, working as a personal trainer at 2 gyms, a nutrition consultant for 2 well-known health food stores, and teaching a woman’s only fitness and nutrition course in the evenings at the city’s largest fitness facility!  I was also hitting the books, studying hard to achieve a degree in Biochemistry, with an emphasis on sports supplementation.

Straight out of school, I took my passion for fitness and nutrition, and landed a job with the world’s top supplement company developing performance enhancing and weight loss products.  I was the first woman to be hired on the Research and Development Team.  And shortly after beginning my career in the supplement industry, I took it to the stage, competing in the first ever Figure Show in Canada.  I have competed in numerous shows, on an international level, and have represented Team Canada at the World Championships!

With a need for expansion of my mind, I made the jump over to the Marketing side of the business, where I lead development of countless ad campaigns for some of the world’s top selling weight loss products, producing up to 50 pages of advertising per month.

As time went on, I decided it was time to venture out of supplements and into the corporate world of health and pharmacy working in a Marketing Management position for Canada’s largest pharmacy retailer!