Lean In 19 – Extreme Fat Loss Plan — Lean in 19


How this overweight British Lady lost 17lbs in 19 days with a simple 5 day diet.

Sarah lives miles away from me. Hundreds of miles in fact, so nipping round for a cuppa and heart to heart chat wasn’t possible. But when she rang my phone late one night, I could tell just from her voice that she was deeply upset.

Sarah had just come out of a long-term relationship and although she was relieved that this relationship had ended, she still felt miserable.

During the later stages of this relationship Sarah had been desperately unhappy and gained 25 pounds. It was this weight gain that continued to haunt Sarah, but she knew that she couldn’t carry on down this path and had decided that enough was enough.

Now, of course, I should tell you that I’m a personal trainer and asking me to write her a program to lose fat is not the craziest idea Sarah has ever had…quite a good one, in fact.

However, just because I’m a personal trainer and Sarah is my little sis didn’t mean I was automatically going to write her a full on exercise and diet program.

The day after, to my surprise, I got a message back from Sarah saying “Hey Gav! I ache like hell, but what’s my next workout?!”

I called her right back and said “Right, if you’re going to do this, you’re going to do it properly.”

I told her about some of rapid fat loss methods I’d used with my clients to see which one’s might suit her.

What I mean is that, they’re not hard to follow, but combining these methods wasn’t the done thing and I didn’t know anyone who’d ever tried it. But…

After some arm-twisting, Sarah convinced me to put a plan together that would use these rapid fat loss techniques in a specific sequence that I thought would make things easier for Sarah to follow and, of course, melt fat double quick.

Sarah agreed to follow this diet plan and I agreed to send her a text message everyday with a simple and short workout.

From past experience, with my personal training clients and knowing the results they’d achieved over the years with the various techniques I’d given Sarah, I knew Sarah would certainly lose weight if she could stay motivated and follow the plan.

Even when I was…