Learn To Play Guitar Online – Is It Better Or Not?

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With the new modern guitar lessons you can learn to play guitar online. But is it better than taking the traditional guitar lessons? I have been playing for over 10 years and I think there has never been an easier method to learn and master guitar.

Now there is no need to haul your guitar out to a music school across town to take your weekly lesson. Plus it was rather expensive. I started with blue book number 1 and learned the hard way. These days I hardly ever actually read music. I have learned to play by ear and tabs make learning a song really fast.beats by dre cheap

So how are these online lessons? In the opinion of over 30 people we interviewed every one of them said they would rather take lessons online or download a guitar course and learn at home.

At times it can be a pain sitting in front of the computer trying to play. But overall it sure beats the alternatives. We have watched new students with no experience playing the guitar begin playing popular songs in just a few weeks.

You can learn at your own pace and repeat lessons until you master them. If you feel like taking your lesson at 3 in the morning, no problem. As long as your neighbors don’t mind. Or you can pick up a good set of headphones, if you are playing an electric guitar.

Electric or acoustic? For beginners it is easier to learn and play an electric guitar. The necks are smaller and you will have to use less pressure. Once you learn you will be able to play either one. Another great thing about taking online guitar lessons is no one can hear how bad you sound. When I was learning I hated when someone listened to me play. Of course once you get better you will be playing for your friends and family.

If you haven’t bought a guitar yet it is recommended that you get the best guitar you can afford to buy. Do not buy a cheap knock off. The action will be terrible, meaning the strings will be high and require a lot of pressure to get a clean sounding note. Most cheap guitars sound terrible and buzz. You are better off buying a decent used guitar if you can’t afford a brand new name brand.

So get yourself a guitar if you don’t already have one, sing up and download your lessons and get to work. Guitar playing is one of the greatest hobbies. Once you get into your lessons you leave all your problems behind and escape into the world of music.cheap beats headphones

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