Live Poker Vs Online

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The argument of weather live or online poker has been asked since the first online poker site ever launched. Since online poker is rather new compared to the game itself many older players believe that the online game has lost the personal part of the game. Some enjoy one version over the other, but they both have things the other don’t offer.

The game of poker began in 1829 and the game of Texas Hold’em has become popular because of the World Series of Poker. It has become the most popular form of poker in the world. Today many casinos offer the game with small to large poker rooms.

Emotional Rush

In a live poker game you get a much bigger rush from winning a hand. Not that you can’t get a rush from online poker, but you can’t get the same kind of rush. See the other players at the table is a big part of this rush from the live version of the game. When you have to look another player in the eye and bluff you will get a rush unlike any other in poker. Online poker can be fun as well, it just is a different kind of fun.

Meeting People

There is more of a social part to live poker then to online poker. When you play in a casino for example you will meet all kinds of people and get a much better feel for their different personalities. When playing live poker just remember you should never lend money to other players. This can lead to some bad moments in the future if they do not pay you back.

Getting Out

Going to the casino to play live poker gets you out of your house and doing something that gets you away from everything going on at home. Sometimes you just need to get out of your house and have a little fun. Meet new people and relax. Play online poker for cash and have fun.

Play Anywhere

With online poker you can play anywhere you have an internet connection. You can also play whenever you want. This saves you time from having to drive to the casino. It also allows you do other things in between taking brakes from playing. If you want to cook dinner and then come back to play poker you can. This is something you can’t do when playing live poker at a casino. When playing online you can play for 888 poker status points.

Play for Smaller Stakes

When you play live poker you will be playing for larger money. The smallest limit games you will find are 2/4. Online you can play for as little as 2 cents 4 cents. This gives you a lot more hands for your money, if you don’t have a large backroll to start out with.

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