Lose Weight Mindset

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Lose Weight MindsetClick Image To Visit SiteI always had a problem comfort eating.  It was so easy to nibble in between meals and go over the top when no one was looking.

Soon enough I’d get used to the constant bloated feeling and sense of inadequacy that would follow those binge sessions.

I’d always promise never to repeat this self abuse straight afterward but that would never happen.

What I do now is eat what I want, when I want and in complete control without feeling as if I’ve gone without. 

I feel lighter and more alive after meals.  I don’t lie to my loved ones about what I have or haven’t eaten and I’m so much happier, people can actually see it.

Here’s how this very simple method of eating will show you very clearly when you are addictively eating versus eating because your body actually needs it.

We’ve all done this at times, some of us more than others. You tell yourself next time, I’ll eat responsibly but it doesn’t seem to happen.

You’re now well on your way to taking control of your addictive eating habits which means you’ll also be losing weight without even trying to.  That is a fact!

I feel lighter, look great and feel happier with life.  The funniest thing is that I started out trying to look better but now that I do, I don’t even think this is my most satisfying achievement in my new weight loss mindset.

I learnt to reclaim my confidence back from the very start and my goal of losing weight became so much easier.

What saddens me is that so many people I meet are desperately unhappy about all of these things I have conquered. They say that they don’t look good, they don’t feel good, and they’ve lost all sense of self esteem.  These very people complain that the media are to blame portraying role models as, perfect wafer thin celebrities.  They are bombarded with advertising from junk food companies and that they can’t help themselves.  They go on ‘quick fix’ diets and then fall in to old habits within weeks. It’s a vicious cycle and they cannot escape.

I used to feel the same way and use the same excuses but now I look forward to meals and feel great after eating, not bloated or guilty. Read more…

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