Losing Weight With A Balanced Diet

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Whenever you see a product advertised on television with the promise
that it will make you thin and beautiful, it is always worth looking at the
“small print” which appears on screen. Very frequently, it will contain the
words “can only aid weight loss as part of a calorie-controlled weight loss plan”.
Although the beautiful model on the screen may only be concerned with
pouring a bowl of cereal or enjoying a glass of fruit juice, weight loss requires
more work than that if it is to be sustainable.

A calorie-controlled weight loss plan is not just a diet, either. It is frequently
assumed that weight loss is easily achieved by changing a few things in your diet,
switching full-sugar soda for a “diet”, “light” or “zero” brand or eating wholemeal
bread rather than white. While things like this will help – replacing one food or
drink with a high calorie content with another containing fewer calories will
naturally reduce your overall intake – they are just a drop in the ocean when it
comes to concerted weight loss.

Different things cause weight gain in different people. Our metabolism decides
how we lose or gain weight, and those of us with a slower metabolism will not
lose weight simply by sipping a diet soda. It may also be the case that we need
to change the way we exercise and the amount of exercise that we get – this may
in fact speed up our metabolism if done correctly. Overall weight loss, however,
relies more than anything on knowing how your body works.

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