Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Belly Fat and Increase Heart Health While Relaxing

Overland Park, KS (PRWEB) February 27, 2015

Sunlighten celebrates its 10th year of supporting the American Heart Association in the fight against heart disease. Every February the company donates a portion of sales to the Kansas City AHA chapter. Sunlighten’s patented Solocarbon® heating technology is the only sauna technology clinically shown to lower blood pressure, increase core temperature, aid in weight loss, and have been proven up to 99% effective.

More and more studies show that saunas are good for your heart. On February 23, a study posted by JAMA Internal Medicine (http://archinte.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=2130724) found that people in Finland who used a sauna four to seven times a week decreased their risk of sudden cardiac death by 63% and decreased their risk for overall death by nearly 40%. The risk of fatal coronary heart disease and fatal cardiovascular disease were also reduced.

In a 2009 study on the cardiovascular benefits of infrared saunas in people with Type 2 Diabetes (http://www.canadianjournalofdiabetes.com/article/S1499-2671(10)42007-9/abstract), Sunlighten saunas were shown to help lower weight and waist circumference in just a three-month period. The common theme among subjects in the study was that far infrared sauna use was similar to moderate exercise but “much more relaxing”. Therefore, Sunlighten saunas can be an effective lifestyle adjuvant for those who cannot participate in regular exercise due to medical conditions.

In a 2005 clinical study by the University of Missouri Kansas City (http://www.sunlighten.com/pdfs/UMKC-Sauna-Study.pdf), researchers used Sunlighten’s Solocarbon heaters and found that regular infrared sauna use lowered blood pressure. Study subjects participated in a program of 30 minute far infrared sauna session 3 times per week. The study concluded that Sunlighten infrared sauna therapy dilated blood vessels and reduced the volume of their inner lining, thus improving heart health by increasing circulation to promote healthy blood pressure.

“We’ve committed to supporting the American Heart Association for the past 10 years because we share a common goal in helping healthy hearts. We want to make a difference in people’s lives. ” says Connie Zack, co-owner of Sunlighten and Sunlight Day Spa. “We developed our Solocarbon Full Spectrum technology to do just that. With wellness programs for cardio, weight loss, detoxification, pain relief, relaxation and anti-aging it truly empowers our customers improve their quality of life. There is simply no other sauna available that can do this.”

Sunlighten supports the AHA with a contribution of February sales and participates in a number of local AHA events such as the Red Dress Dash and Go Red for Women Luncheon. “During Heart Month, we project the Go Red logo on the side of our building on I-435 and Metcalf. Anyone driving by at night becomes aware of this important cause,” says Zack. Owners Aaron and Connie Zack have also served on the board of directors for the local AHA chapter.

For more information about Sunlighten saunas, including emissivity, weight loss, blood pressure and other clinical effectiveness studies, visit the Sunlighten website at http://www.sunlighten.com. Follow them on Twitter @sunlighten and on Facebook at Sunlighten Saunas.


Founded in 1999, Sunlighten™ offers innovative wellness products that strengthen individuals’ health and vitality through sauna technology. Sunlighten infrared saunas help detoxify the body, provide pain relief, and have been clinically shown to reduce blood pressure and assist in weight loss. In the Kansas City headquarters, the company also has a day spa. Sunlight Day Spa specializes in Sunlighten Purification Treatments and other spa services. For more information about Sunlighten or Sunlight Day Spa, please visit http://www.Sunlighten.com or http://www.SunlightDaySpa.com.

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