Matching Men’s Shoes To Clothing – The Guidelines

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There are many guidelines for matching your footwear to your clothing. These differ not only depending on the color of footwear you will be wearing, but also the sort of footwear and even the type of clothing. I will talk about all of those rules in order that you are able to make certain not to produce any fashion faux pas.


Initial, your shoes should really match your shoes in general level of formality. In general, you can find 3 levels of formality to get a footwear: casual, semi-casual and formal. Casual footwear consists of such shoes as sneakers and sandals. Semi-casual shoes include things like leather shoes that usually do not possess a shine to them. Formal shoes include leather shoes which have a shine to them.

Casual shoes need to be matched only to casual clothing, like jeans and shorts. Semi-casual footwear might be matched to any clothing much less casual than a suit and far more formal than shorts (it is possible to wear semi-casual shoes with jeans, having said that, just not shorts). Formal shoes ought to be worn only with shorts and tuxedos.


Casual shoes of any color may possibly go with any set of clothing with which the colors do not clash. Black leather shoes can go with any color of semi-formal clothing or with any color of jeans, that is why they may be such a common color of shoe for guys who only intend to purchase one particular pair.

With other colors, it becomes a lot more complex. When wearing non-black, you ought to ensure that which you have clothing that’s roughly exactly the same because the color of shoe. This should not be simply your tie, but either your pants, shirt or jacket.


Socks really should match your shoes, and you will find a handful of general rules for matching them effectively. With sandals, no socks need to be worn (regardless of the current popularity of the style). Casual shoes should be worn only with white socks, regardless of the color of the shoes. For much more formal shoes, socks should be roughly the identical color as the shoes that they match. In further, socks really should be either identical to or lighter than the shade with the shoe. Socks should under no circumstances be darker than the shoes that they match.

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