My Personal Knowledge Of Breast Enlargement Lotion, Part 1

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Today I desired to express my experience with breast enhancement lotions. If you are like I had been, you’ve probably wondered how you can increase breast size and I desire to shed some light around the answer to that today.

Regarding breast enhancement creams, I have used the Total Curve breast enlargement three-step plan which includes a pill, cream and an workout program and i’m very pleased by using it when I put it to use, I only say once I work with it because I cycle through four different products.

I’ve actually never liked using just a cream all by itself but there are women that write me that say that is all they need. You will find three brands which have only a cream but the one that is by far the most impressive with scientific research backing it is called Triactol. I’ve read a whole lot about Triactol, it contains a proprietary extract belonging to the Pueraria Mirifica plant called Mirofirm. The Pueraria Mirifica plant is called the Elixir of Youth and gets raving reviews from many researchers.

I did use Triactol for a couple months and liked the outcomes however I do like having an all natural pill too although this could be psychological and also you need to keep in mind that I’d already reached a size C bra and that was perfect for me, that was two whole sizes. I take breast enlargement products now more for the maintenance of my breasts.

What I can share is that I actually do get emails from people that find my website and in a few of the correspondence and relationships that I form I ask which products they’ve used which ones they’re using which ones they’re pleased with and so I do this using the various products plus I do get lots of positive feedback on Triactol. I don’t think, well, the only thing I can think of people wishing was it was cheaper, but don’t all of us.

Triactol is tried and tested to improve breast size noticeably within just 7 days so it is probably the best documented breast enlargement. Like I said before in other articles, as a researcher I’m very skeptical once they start making claims but this can be valid research regarding Triactol.

There are two other creams besides Triactol which I purchased and would recommend them to begin with I go any further it is important to remember that only a few woman responds identically towards the same breast enhancement solution.

This can be the beginning of a two part series, search for the second part on this site or read the whole story on my small blog.

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