No Excuses Body Makeover: Fat Loss Membership


No Excuses Body Makeover was written to teach you how to realize your fat loss goals one meal at a time.

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No Excuses Body Makeover: Fat Loss MembershipClick Image To Visit SiteGrab My FREE Report The Best Way To Lose Weight and receive my newsletter with more tips on how to shed fat:

Neglected Your Body FAR Too Long And Now You’re Having To Pay The Price? SHOCKING NEWS: It Turns Out You Had Little Choice – And Yet…

For when it is time to take stock of what MUST be done, and PUSH AWAY the excuses that have been compromising your health.

The Good News? You’ve Just Stumbled Onto The Culmination Of More Than 30 YEARS Of Experience In The Fitness Profession – Time I Have Spent Teaching Others How To Get Into Peak Physical Shape WITHOUT Having To Diet Or Otherwise Deprive Oneself Of Life’s Simple Pleasures. With "No Excuses" You’ll Discover How To Master Both Your MIND And Your BODY To Achieve A Truly Enviable State Of Health That Most People Will Never Experience In The Latter Part Of Their Lives. But With This Program You’ll Do Exactly That…

For 5 months of the year we are volunteer lifeguards so we need to keep in shape and ready to go at a moments notice, but as the years have progressed we have got lazier and noticed the extra kilos stacking on. Every year we have to pass a refresher exam and we both noticed that this was becoming harder and harder to achieve. Now that we are both nearly into our 50’s we needed something to keep us going. Step in the No Excuses Body Makeover program. Along with the healthy eating plan and the exercise plan we have both been able to lose those extra kilos. (John 12kg, Paula 8kg). Thanks to Carolyn’s plan we now have the strength to be motivated to still able to do this worth while service.

Losing weight is easy when you know how, but knowing how is the secret. I’ve tried every crash diet known to man, and prior to discovering the Hot Metabolism course I was ready to resign myself to the fact I’d be a fat chick for life. Thankfully a friend found me at my lowest and encouraged me to read the "The Best Way To Lose Weight" report. That really was the turning point for me, a light switched on in the far recesses of my brain and I realised I did have the power to be who I wanted to be, I just had to believe and be… Read more…

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