Numerous Sorts Of Cultural Dance Of Anioma Such As “Egwu Ohuhu (Oshushu Or Osusu), Egwu Aguba, Egwu Imanokwa, Egwu Aja, Egwu Amala, Egwu Ekobe, Egwu Oduko, Egwu Idegbani And Egwu Uloko Displayed The Artwork Of Energy Dance Only Exceptional To The Anioma T

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Many kinds of cultural dance of Anioma which includes “Egwu Ohuhu (Oshushu or Osusu), Egwu Aguba, Egwu Imanokwa, Egwu Aja, Egwu Amala, Egwu Ekobe, Egwu Oduko, Egwu Idegbani and Egwu Uloko exhibited the artwork of energy dance only excellent to the Anioma group. From Agbor to Utegbeje; Amai to Umusa; Onicha-Ugbo to Ibusa and Ashaka to Aboh, the cultural attire and dance-language in the individuals had been exactly the same. Anioma had very sufficient of it to pass on to their young children however unborn. These were kinds of dances that appeared really magically charming towards the outside world but for time, the Anioma had a lot more to offer you.

In the primary school category, the Seat of Knowledge Main School, Kwale won the competition. Brighter Future Secondary College, Kwale also arrived 1st within the secondary school class which was adjudged extremely difficult. The occupational war dance class which stole the attention with the viewers was won by Onu Anioma, Owa-Alero. Chukwu Onyi Rimma of Agbor-Obi won the “Egwu Oshushu” dance fashion class. The “Egwu Amala” dance category was won by Ika Nrima also from Agbor-Obi whilst Heavenly Steppers of Kwale came first in the contemporary dance category from the competition. Umu Nzei carried the day inside the classic wrestling competition. The Kwale and Ika’s performance immensely relegated their Oshimili and Aniocha kinsmen for the history.
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Some royal fathers and mom graced the event and were His Royal Highness, Cheap Lebron 9 and Air Max 95 Shoes, the Obi of Ubulu-Unor; His Royal Highness, Obi Okolie I (JP), the Obi of Egbudu Akah; His Royal Highness, Obi Johnson Ekpechilu, the Ezemu of Emu; His Royal Highness, Obi (Prof) Louis Chellunor Nwaoboshi, the Obuzor of Ibusa; His Royal Highness, Obi Emmanuel Offor, the Obi of Adonta; His Royal Highess, Obi Godwin Onyeweuwa, the Obi of Ewulu; His Royal Highness, Ezewali Ahoma Collins, the Obi of Otolokpo; His Royal Highness, Obi Ofuokwu, the Obi of Obior; Her Royal Majesty, Obi Martha Dunkwu, the Omu of Anioma and His Royal Majesty, Dr. Emeka Ilunor, the Ezeduna II of Ifitedunu in Dunukafia Neighborhood Federal government Area of Anambra State. The Asagba of Asaba, Obi (Prof) Chike Edozie was nicely represented.

The existence of Dr. Emeka Ilunor, the Igwe of Ifitedunu symbolized the kinship that Anioma share with their Igbo kinsmen throughout the Niger and is well praiseworthy. The arrival from the Igwe ushered in joy and additional colour for the event as he was applauded from the other Highnesses in recognition of his shared connection with the folks of Anioma. The light-hearted royal father beamed with so considerably pleasure on arrival at the venue and didn’t uncover it hard to mix together with the relaxation of his kinsmen from the other portion from the River Niger. His participation and especially the formal process that trailed his influx towards the venue had been supremely and glamorously majestic.

The Umu Anioma Foundation Inc was also well represented at the occasion from the delegation led by this writer (Emeka Esogbue). The inspiration members dazzlingly and gloriously shone in T-shirts, fez-caps and jean-jackets specifically branded to the event with all the inscription that symbolized Anioma as the nation’s 37th state inside the producing. The existence from the apex Anioma business was properly obtained next the announcement of its presence by the Learn of Ceremonies. The team presented its aims and goals with bottles of wines to the royal fathers in attendance. Furthermore, it supplied the monarchs, a pre-prepared speech from your convener from the Team, Prince Emmanuel Ohai.

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