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This is the favorite bonus of almost every participant. Imagine getting motivated every day with specific coaching instead of white knuckling it on your own. I take great care to make sure that every one of these emails is HIGH IMPACT and will help to cultivate your mind, and your long-term fitness.

4 full length lectures via video that will be in your support emails every 7 days I video recorded all 4 sessions of a Food Rehab Course here in Austin, TX.

Starting on Day 1, your support email will include a link for you to go and watch me teach the deeper elements of the course.

Can you imagine receiving a Fitness E-Course online where you could watch the coach explain and teach everything about the program? I hope so, because that is exactly what you are going to get. Just like you were taking the course right here in Austin.

A copy of David’s E-book “Hotter Body in 100 Days” (a $49 dollar value) will be sent free in the Day 21 coaching email to transition you into long term fitness The number one question asked of me, (besides “what is on the list man???”) is what am I going to do long term? Well, anyone who knows me, or has been coached by me, knows that I am all about changing people’s fitness lives for the long term.

A copy of David’s “Dirty Dozen Workouts” will come via email on Day 2 I did not expect how much people would like this Workout Book. It includes my special routines, Glutes Gone Wild and The Fat Stripper. You can use any of these workouts for your daily exercise in Fitness Rehab and beyond.

You will UNDOUBTEDLY have some questions, so I absolutely, positively will not leave you hanging. You can email me any questions (and or VICTORIES) during the 21 days and I will answer them within 24 hours.

Being a dad, I was on corn dog and ice cream autopilot.  I needed a serious wake up call and Food Rehab woke me up on the first day.  I have lost 13 lbs and feel better about my family, my business and my health.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone in there 50’s. At 55 I was so sure I could only do cardio (walking, treadmill) type of…