Optimum Mass – The Ultimate Muscle Building Program!

They Laughed When I Said I’d Build Muscle on My Skinny Frame… Now They Want to Know My Secret!

Former Skinny Guy Reveals Foolproof New Training and Nutrition Program Backed by Proven Science to Build Serious Lean Muscle Mass – Guaranteed

I know you’re fed up: Lifting weights and training hard, only to find you’re the same size as last month.

Slamming back expensive protein shakes like they’re going out of style. Frustrated, still weak, still small and this close to giving up.

And I know why: You’ve been… well, misinformed. The internet is full of nonsensical, BS advice, and what’s worse is that it’s spread by so-called “experts” who have never so much as lifted a weight in their lives!

But enough about what’s wrong. The good news is that you’ve found this page, and it’s the first step in your transformation to a strong, lean, muscular physique. I’ve been honored to help hundreds of people just like you attain their ideal physique.

I used to be a skinny “hardgainer” who couldn’t pack on muscle to save my life, so I know where you’re coming from!

My first attempts at bodybuilding were directionless. I’ll spare you all the embarrassing details, but suffice to say, they involved a lot of effort and stupid mistakes for no return. I was frustrated, and realized that to make progress, I had to get educated on muscle growth.

Simply lifting weights without knowing how or why was only keeping me small and weak. I needed to understand the Mechanisms of Muscle Growth – the right nutrition, the most effective exercises, the functions of the skeletal muscle system… the proven science behind muscle growth.

I studied – practically devoured – scientific research journals, all manner of printed publication and learned from the real experts about building muscle. A friend who is a professional bodybuilder once told me “The more you know, the more you grow”.

I ate, dreamed and breathed information on muscle growth. I knew that becoming a muscle-building machine would take trial and error, and I was relentless in my study and hands-on application of all that I learned.

I’m not afraid of hard work and I know you’re not, either. What I want to do is spare you from any more emotional hardship and wasted time in…