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optin-arrowsClick Image To Visit SiteYou no doubt have heard the adage “Diets Don’t Work”. Many are frustrated with their war on weight control.

Have you tried any number of diets, lost weight, and then, in time, put the weight back on?

Nutritionists and other experts in the field of health, diet and nutrition hold widely varying views.

Acai berry products are taking the health market by storm, with huge amounts of claims as to the health benefits of using the products as a supplement. But with such huge attention comes a lot of hype and counter hype, so it is important to cut through the hyperbole that surrounds all things Acai berry and take a look at just what the benefits of using Acai berry products are. It is important to note that just because some of the claims of the other benefits of Acai berry products are not yet proven that does not mean that they aren’t true. Acai berries are very new to the market, having not been long brought out of their natural South American habitat. As such many of the claims are still at their testing stage and could well be proven to be correct.

Acai berries, and their products, contain essential and beneficial fatty acids that the body is unable to produce for itself. These fatty acids give an enormous boost to the liver and help speed up the bodies metabolism, providing more energy and burning more calories than it otherwise would.

Research by the University of Florida in 2006 has shown that the anthocyanins that are contained in large numbers within the Acai berry are wonderful for helping deal with ‘free radicals’, molecules which have been proving to cause and accelerate cancer. They destroyed as much as 85% of human cancer cells during initial testing.

All Acai berry products are very high in fiber. This fiber not only provides an energy boost to the body but also encourages the production of enzymes needed to break down compacted waste in the bodies digestive tract. This can lead to large quantities of waste that would be causing the body harm to be naturally removed from the intestines.

Because the anthocyanins are such powerful anti-toxins they are also wonderful for dealing with numerous illnesses. They have been proven to help with fighting of both viral and bacterial related illnesses.

With a large vitamin B content, essential for helping promote a relaxing sleep… Read more…

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