Painting Your Own Abstract Expressionist Paintings

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Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time looking at abstract expressionist art has probably thought that these “masterpieces” are really nothing more than random drops and splashes of paint spread across a painting – and yet, at the same time, has also probably looked and them and felt that there is more to these paintings than what meets the eye. Of course, there is also a good chance you have thought, “That painting looks cool, but I bet I could do that” – and if you have thought that, you have probably been right; before you can paint an abstract expressionist piece of your own, however, you need to understand why these paintings came to gain the recognition and acclaim they did.

When painters such as Jackson Pollock and Arshile Gorky began to come to light after World War II, it had been widely assumed that there was nothing “new” to be done with art – and then, these paintings full of splashes and dribbles not only were something “new,” but they were something “new” that created a sort of revival in the American arts scene.

One of the things that really makes abstract expressionist art intriguing is the supposition that these pieces are about nothing but their own self – and yet, most people who look at these paintings are able to see a lot more in them (some sort of deeper meaning or greater purpose) than just drips and splashes.

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The key to creating abstract expressionist pieces of your own that not only look nice, but that also seem to be about more than just the painting itself, is to do what is called “listening to the canvas” – which means that, instead of simply dripping and splashing where you feel like it, you should put the colors where you feel the canvas wants you to put them.

Now that abstract expressionist art is no longer controversial or revolutionary, it is unlikely that you will make piles of money off your own abstract expressionist art; you will, however, have a lot of fun, and you can end up with some great wall decorations for your own home!

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