Picking Out Your Gas Grill

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Grilling season is right around the corner. You know you want to finally get a gas grill to replace your old charcoal one you have been suffering with for years. Here are some suggestions of features you may wish to consider for you new gas grill.

You need to consider what your grill will be made from. Stainless steel would be better then stainless steel mix because the stainless steel mixes can rust over time.  100% stainless steel will not rust or discolor. Who wants to grill on a rusty grill.

You will want to pay attention to what your grates are made of. Though chrome grates and porcelain covered steel are the cheepes options, you should try to opt for cast iron or porcelain-covered cast iron. I would recommend sticking to the cast iron or the porcelain-covered cast iron because these two options transmit the heat the best to give you those beautiful sear marks on your steaks and burgers. These two options are also are pretty easy to clean.

You can consider the BTU (British Thermal Units), which helps to indicate heating potential. The soul deciding factor should not be based on the BTUs. High BTUs will do you no good if the grill is not insulated and hold heat. It is very important to make sure the grill is able to insulate the heat it creates. Try to find a model with a temperature control for each burner verses one central control for all of them.

Are you going to be grilling burgers and hotdogs alone?  If so you probably don’t need to pay the extra expense for a rotisserie. Unless you really have your heart set on cooking large roasts and cuts of meat on your grill you can probably skip the rotisserie. If you honestly don’t know what your plans are you could always look at a model that offers a rotisserie as an accessory to be purchased at a later time. This may be a good option for you if you don’t want to commit to getting one to start with.

Make sure you do your research on individual grills you are considering. Finding out the pros and cons of each model you are considering can help you find the best model for you.


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