– Your First Step to Post-Rehab Success

We are all taught that muscles contract and relax. They get tight, relax, and produce force. This is true, but it’s not the whole story. We were all taught to strengthen the weak and stretch the tight, but we forgot to ask simple questions, like WHY is it weak, and WHY is it tight?

Let’s use tight hip flexors as an example. Everyone has them, and everyone spends hours trying to stretch them out or find a better way of stretching them. All this stretching provides short term relief, but doesn’t solve the problem. Is the answer more of the same, or changing how we think about the body?

The answer is that the hip flexor isn’t tight on its own. It’s tight for a reason. It’s up to you to find out what that reason is.

It was a necessary step for me to learn how to work successfully with a wide array of injuries, conditions and developmental issues in order to take on everyone possible who could benefit from my help.

The funny thing is, they need the same kind of movement coaching and progression that elite athletes need.

This is a workshop that goes through the basics that every trainer should know about injury post-rehab before working with their clients. It covers the most common conditions of the shoulder, hip, knee and spine, and gives directions on what to do and more importantly, what not to do with the specific injuries. Each section goes through pertinent anatomical information, what adaptations occur with each injury, how to assess and determine who can and cannot begin training, and how to train it to get the best results safely and effectively.

The concepts contained in Post Rehab Essentials have helped me get the following results for clients:

In addition, I will also show how most common neck, shoulder and low back issues are directly related to breathing, and what to do about it

I will also show you the only three core training exercises anyone will ever need to build a powerful and functional spine

****Please Note: This product is available as a digital download and streaming video. No physical products will be shipped. This means you have instant access and can take the videos with you anywhere, on any device, without needing to bring specific media with you.****

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