Powerful Recovery Methods – Net’s Best Workout Recovery Information

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Powerful Recovery Strategies is a successful combination of strategies used by trainers and physical therapists from around the country. Hours of research and interviews went into creating the EXACT SYSTEM that will maximize your workouts.

I’m going to be giving you the exact system and movements we use to keep our athletes healthy and strong. Keep in mind, these athletes play sports, lift weights, and train speed/agility. None of them complain about soreness and their performance is SKYROCKETING since we put these strategies in place.

Pictures and explanations are provided by every method for ease of use. These are the exact protocols we use to keep our clients performing at their peak.

Each exercise is demonstrated and explained body part by body part. This is your reference guide to make sure the program is used up to its full potential!

Muscle recovery isn’t the only thing you will learn about in this manual and video package! Rehab protocols for common injuries are also provided for your use.

John Cortese provides us with some BIG VALUE and advice on how to recover from common workout tweaks and issues.

I went out and interviewed one of the top athlete physical therapists in the area about common mistakes and injuries. You will be surprised by some trends he has identified! .

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