Preventing Finger Injuries While Rock Climbing

Your fingers will be some of your most important tools when you take a rock climbing trip, but because of the way you are digging your fingers into crevices and tight places in the rock, your fingers are also one of the first things that will get damaged when you climb. And even though you might be able to finish your day of climbing before they really start to bother you, you will wish for days afterward that you had done something to keep your fingers in good shape while you climbed.


Taking the time to stretch out your fingers and wrists is an important thing for you to do when you go climbing; you should do this while you are stretching your arms and legs for climbing – holding your arm straight out in front of you and pulling back your fingers.

You can also warm up your fingers and hands before you start climbing by holding a tennis ball in each hand and squeezing for about two minutes apiece, as you will gain more strength and dexterity in your fingers by doing this.

Another great measure you can take to protect your fingers while climbing is to tape them; the main fingers you should make sure you tape are your ring and middle fingers, taping above and below the first knuckle on each finger, but you can also tape your other fingers if this makes you feel more comfortable climbing. Make sure you tape your fingers tightly enough that the tape provides support, but not so tightly that you lose circulation.

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Finally, if you are cautious while climbing, it will go a long way in protecting your fingers; after all, you can take all these precautions, and you will still end up hurting your fingers if you are trying to use narrow grabs that your fingers barely squeeze into!

It can be easy to forget to take care of your hands while you are out there, but you will end up regretting it afterward, so make sure you take care of your fingers as you climb so that you can still feel like going out the next time!