“Psyche From The Frequent Man” Which Was First Published In 2004 Defines With Fantastic Precision Diverse Spiritual, Psychological And Sociological Terms

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Vijay Singal has authored, throughout the final decade, several books on spiritual philosophy. He has also co-authored with Atul Bhardwaj, two spectacular coffee table books.

The maiden work of Vijay Singal “Behind Psychology, Looking for the Roots” was 1st published in 2002. It is an Nike Air Max 90 Cheap incredible book which explores each from a scientific and spiritual angle, the fantastic phenomenon named life. Inter-dependence and inter-play of conscious and sub-conscious components of thoughts happen to be defined, so beautifully, by him. The human getting is bound by Laws of Nature that are rather impartial and discriminate against nobody. A sincere effort seems to have already been produced in this book to know the intricate net of human relationships. FAQs have been answered in this book by Mr. Singal using a uncommon clarity.

“Psyche from the Common Man” which was 1st published in 2004 defines with wonderful precision distinct spiritual, psychological and sociological terms. Precise description of most of the typically used but typically misunderstood words reflects his deep insight into diverse aspects of human behaviour.

“Manovigyan : Jeewan Ka Rahasaya” is fundamentally the Hindi translation from the above two books.

All these three books happen to be published by Manas Publications.

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His subsequent book, “External Echoes – The Journey towards the Self” was 1st published by Wisdom Tree in 2006. It’s a unique book which throws considerable light on the relationship of man with his Creator. Not merely that, the author in this book has also discussed several of the ways and indicates which can enable man to accomplish and ultimate truth. He has time and again emphasised that rituals, dogmas, superstitions and also the like have no role to play in the realisation of God.

“Divine Whispers: In Conversation together with the Self” has been published by Wisdom Tree in 2007. This Cheap Air Max 90 is within the type of a prayer for the Supreme Lord from the Universe. The author, by way of this soulful prayer, has beseeched the Lord for His blessings for the well-being of mankind. An work has also been made to expose the strengths and weaknesses of mankind.

Mr. Singal has also authored two coffee table books. Initial coffee table book, “Ganga a Divinity in Flow” was published by Vision India Publications in 2008. Photography for this book has been accomplished by Atul Bhardwaj, photographer with uncommon passion and intensity. Amitabh Bachchan had written foreword for this book which was released by Aamir Khan at Mumbai in July 2008.

The latest coffee table book authored by the duo of Mr. Singal and Mr. Bhardwaj is onPunjab. Recognized by the name of “Sparkling Punjab” this book is really a true and faithful reflection of all elements of Punjabi Life. Forward for this book has been written by Dharmendra who has also not too long ago released it at Mumbai. Gulzar has written introduction on the topic.

Easy wording and sound logic are the hallmark in the writings of Mr. Singal. His forthcoming book on spiritual philosophy by the name of “Seamless Merger” is most likely to are available in the market shortly.

Mr. Singal plans to establish an institute by the name of “International Institute of Human Behaviour and Blissful Living”

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