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Purchase Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine Today CB! - Evolve with Flavor - Evolve with FlavorClick Image To Visit SiteThe highly acclaimed fine-dining career of Chef Salomon Montezinos has taken a fresh, new turn….

Increasingly, celebrities, professional athletes, and generally anyone on the CUTTING-EDGE of dietary evolution is turning to the POWER of RAW and ALKALINE foods.

Just ask Chef Sal, who has SEEN IT ALL in his lifetime. He spent his early childhood in the middle of the HOLOCAUST; his parents were killed, and he was hidden on a farm during World War II. He remembers wounded soldiers and downed fighter-planes like it was YESTERDAY.

Over the years, it was not only the TASTE of Chef Sal’s food that improved, but the NUTRITION. Since moving on from his restaurants, he has engaged his culinary GENIUS in more MAD-SCIENTIST experimentation.

Catering and consulting jobs were plentiful, but Chef Sal elected to engage in a PERSONAL project – to transform pathetically BORING “health-food” into some of the most ADDICTING, SHOCKINGLY-DELICIOUS stuff you have EVER tasted.

He was determined to combine the BEST of the philosophies of the “health-food” world and craft them into a UNIQUE “Chef Sal” Style.

…Now, for a quick run-through of what “raw” and “alkaline” mean, briefly. We recommend checking out the detailed research for yourself!

According to the Science of Dr. Robert Young, who is strongly supported by Motivational-Guru Tony Robbins, the pH of the body MUST be ALKALINE to ensure OPTIMAL health. There’s a lot to this, which is why we recommend reading the science for yourself, but suffice to say that an ALKALINE body can PREVENT serious health problems, such as…

Going RAW ALSO delivers another JOLT of Life Force to your food. The dominant thought behind RAW Foods is that they are LIVING Foods, as opposed to DEAD foods, which have had the Nutrition COOKED out. Cooked food can lose up to 85% of the POWER you otherwise would have received …. Most EXTREMELY healthy people choose ONE of these philosophies.

With Chef Sal’s “Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine,” you get BOTH RAW and ALKALINE put together!!

Not to mention Chef Sal has used his culinary GENIUS to actually make these dishes DELICIOUS!! Oh, and he eats these dishes EVERY DAY to prove that it works!!

Watch this VIDEO Testimonial of Chef Sal’s Raw Alkaline class. He premiered the dishes published in “Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine” during a series of these classes.

“Chef Sal has… Read more…

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