Raising Oscars

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A lot of people see a flashy looking oscar and think it would make an awesome addition to their small tank. Most people dont realize how large this fish grows and even if they list them as needing 10 gallons they will shortly out grow this. It is most common to setup a single oscar to live in a 90 to 100 gallon tank. If you want to have more than one you ussually want to go to three and will most likely need a 150 to 200 gallon tank.

They are a tropical fish which prefer temperatures in the mid seventies, making water heaters a must. The @@AMAZONTEXT;B000SSCT3A;number of heaters@@ you require will depend on the tank size. You may have to purchase two heaters to get the temperature correct. A nicer canister filter might also be required due to the size of tank. The traditional hang on back filter will not be sufficient for an oscar. They are a very dirty fish and a messy eater to boot. You will most likely want to over filter the tank then under. If you have a 100 gallon tank plan on getting a filter for the next size up, for example a @@AMAZONTEXT;B000I1O2PK;150 gallon tank or higher@@.

You need to make sure you have a good biological filter going with an oscar.

Oscars typically prefer drift wood and rock decorations over real or plastic plants. Oscars seem to like to rearrage plants if they are able to move them so either a bare tank or a tank filled with things they can’t move may work best. Also a fine rock substrate is preferred over large washed river stone if possible. This is due to oscars love to move their tank bottoms around as they wish.

If you are considering purchasing an oscar, it would be highly recommended to do some research on them as there are a few things that are a bit unique to this cichlid. A great book to consider is @@AMAZONTEXT;0793837626;Aquarium Care of Oscars@@ It is really important to know what you are doing with this fish because you want them to have a quality life, as they have been know to live for over ten years.

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