S.P.E.E.D. – A Complete How-To Manual for Quick & Permanent Fat Loss – S.P.E.E.D. – Evidence Based Weight Loss

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S.P.E.E.D. – A Complete How-To Manual for Quick & Permanent Fat Loss - S.P.E.E.D. - Evidence Based Weight LossClick Image To Visit SiteScientists have been studying weight loss for decades and while diet and exercise are important, you are setting yourself up for failure by using them exclusively. Scientists have identified other important variables that affect our weight, and now you’ll be able to master them and achieve your ideal body with S.P.E.E.D.

Did you know that how well you sleep has a huge impact on whether or not you’ll be successful on a weight loss program? Sleep governs hormones which affect our mood, appetite and other important functions. S.P.E.E.D. will show you how important sleep is and what simple rules will help you become successful.

Your mindset may be the single-most important factor that decides whether you’ll see instant, and long-term, success on a weight loss program. But how many weight loss books even slightly touch upon psychology? S.P.E.E.D. devotes an entire chapter to building a successful mindset for long-term adherence and lifestyle modification.

As you know, exercise is an important part of a weight loss program and a healthy lifestyle. But, what kind of exercise is best for weight loss and health? The exercise chapter in S.P.E.E.D. will surprise you and help you get on your way to exercising efficiently and feeling great right away!

How could you possible expect to succeed when your home and work environments are set-up to derail you? S.P.E.E.D. helps you re-organize your surroundings to make it easy to succeed and impossible to fail!

There are so many different diet plans out there that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. The diet chapter in S.P.E.E.D. takes all the guesswork out of it for you, telling you which weight loss diet methods are the most efficient (as proven by scientific evidence) and will get you the ideal body you’ve been dreaming of.

Between us, we have over 20 years of experience in weight loss and we own and operate a personal training and weight loss clinic in Mesa, AZ. After years of watching our clients be inundated with tons of information on weight loss, we noticed that most of the recommendations in our industry were passed down through generations of trainers, with little or no evidence actually backing them up. So, we decided to dive into the scientific… Read more…

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