Save Money and Time by Committing to an At-Home Workout Program


Hate the gym? Commit to an at-home workout program instead. If you work out at home, you’ll save money (gym membership) and time (all that commuting back and forth, waiting for your machine to open up).

To make this work, you’ll need to invest in the proper equipment, but good workout gear and equipment will protect you against injuries and make your exercise sessions all the more enjoyable.

Cardio exercise option number one: running. A huge advantage is you can perform this exercise anywhere and anytime. Physical advantage to running outside instead of at the gym: an outdoor run is harder than on the treadmill, because you have to adjust for natural obstacles, so you’ll get a better workout anyway. Of course you have to buy new, good running shoes twice a year (these are essential to run safely), cold-weather gear, or a treadmill for winter runs (which you will be able to use for a decade or longer as long as you service it).

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Cardio exercise option number two: biking. One advantage to biking is you can use your bike outside or in, as along as you buy a trainer for your bike (which will allow you to use your bike like a stationary bike on cold days). Physical advantage to biking outside: while spin classes can be challenging, it’s easy to coast, whereas when biking outside you have to deal with the hills in your course. Pleasure advantages: wind in your hair, sun on your shoulders, and you actually get somewhere while working out. You’ll need to get your bike tuned up, check your helmet and other gear for safety (reflective gear is advised), and think about investing in a winter bike trainer.


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You’ll enjoy the money and time saved if you quit your gym membership and tailor your own at-home cardio workout.