Shopping For Value Foods

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It can sometimes be frustrating to realize how much you are spending on the groceries you are buying. After all – especially if you are shopping for a family – it can seem like you get hardly anything for the amount of money you are spending. While you, of course, want to make sure you are getting all the nutrition you need from your food, you would like to save a bit of money while doing so. One of the best ways to save money while grocery shopping is to begin to understand how to shop for value foods.

For breakfast, there are two great value foods to keep in mind: eggs, and oatmeal; both of these are extremely good for you, and both are inexpensive. Other foods such as cereal and pastries do not come close to matching these two in price or health benefits. If you choose to switch to oatmeal and eggs as your main breakfast staple, you just might be surprised by how much money you start to save.

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Even though fruit is an important part of your diet, it can also be expensive – especially when it is out of season; one way to eat fruit and still save money is to buy bananas as often as possible. You can usually find bananas for as little as 50 cents per pound at any time of year! Bananas are among the healthiest things you can eat, and they are great anytime you want a simple mid-afternoon or mid-morning snack.


One of the best value foods for dinner is spaghetti, which is inexpensive and healthy. Even after you add pasta sauce, spaghetti is still a great deal; in fact, you can add a meat such as chicken and still get by without spending a whole lot of money.

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You can minimize your grocery store spending when you make these foods part of your regular eating schedule; you will not want to eat the same foods every day, of course, but these are great to add as part of your week. Start to pay attention to these and other value foods, and your grocery budget will begin to go much further than it ever did before!

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