Skinny Sexy Bride – Lose Weight For Your Wedding in One Hour Per Week


Skinny Sexy Bride

When her fiancee popped the question, Emily wasted no time. The very next morning, she was on the treadmill. The eager bride-to-be signed up for boot-camp classes. She followed a strict diet – no chips, cookies, cakes or alcohol. Even shelled out big bucks for designer diet pills.

At first, the weight loss was slow. Emily was constantly tired. And after a few weeks, everything came grinding to a stop and the scale refused to budge. No matter what she tried she just couldn’t seem to lose the weight. Meanwhile, her wedding date kept getting closer and closer.

She was in tears. She couldn’t get the dress clasped. She hated the way her upper arm fat was spilling over the top of her strapless dress. Emily didn’t have any time to get a new dress. “If I don’t lose 10 pounds in the next week”, she said, “I’ll be…

My name is Jason Fox – I’m a trainer who specializes in getting extraordinary fitness results for busy people. My clients don’t have time for complicated workout plans or traditional diets.  They want results with no fuss, and they want to enjoy their engagements.

See, Emily was training the “traditional” way. A few minutes of warmup, an hour of cardio, a little time on the weight machines, then a few minutes of cool down. She would spend an hour in the gym…every day. At the end, she was dog tired and felt like she got a great workout.

You’ve probably done one of these workouts before, or maybe a boot camp, or even tried the expensive DVD sets. Almost everyone has, and almost all personal trainers still endorse the “work till you drop” hour-long training schedule, 4-6 days per week.

After 15 years of fitness and nutritional study and experimentation, I realize that those “traditional” workout routines are like dinosaurs. Big, slow, and becoming extinct.

The real trick to steady, meaningful fat loss is to concentrate on the BIG THREE – efficient exercises, simple food rules, and lots of rest! Surprised? Rest is actually just as important as the workout you do and the food you eat. The trick is combining the BIG THREE in a way that fits in your lifestyle and maximizes your fat loss.

Like most brides, Emily was overwhelmed with the amount of work it took to plan a wedding. She wanted to…